We have experienced a sickness bug that affected some guest’s; the symptoms they experienced were high temperature, vomiting and diarrhea. The guests who stayed in their rooms were feeling better within 24 – 48 hours with the aid of simple medication. External private agencies from Greece and the UK (Cristal) took samples from food, water and all areas of the hotel, we are in receipt of the results which were returned as negative for gastroenteritis and similar, for this reason we can only presume the sickness came from an external source (arrival of guest). To note that we have been regulated and are part of the Cristal program since 2010 following their strict policies and proceedures. The current situation in the hotel is that today we did not have any new cases of sickness. We took serious measures from the reporting of the first guest with sickness to ensure all public and private areas of the hotel were being rigorously cleaned, extra schedules were put into place and are still being continued at this time, please see below the full list of our actions. • We informed all of our staff immediately for the issue and we increased the safety measurements informing immediately Cristal to take samples of 18 areas water and 9 food, also from all pools • Laundry. We start to wash everything on 90 degrees to be sure that is more effective, and we separate the linen from the rooms with incident • Housekeeping. The maids are using in each room one use gloves, masks and protective one use shoes, every time they enter the room. They are using sanitizing cloths for the surfaces (one use) • The housekeeping cleaners are randomly cleaning the wc areas and are using chlorine for sanitation • Air conditioning units are being cleaned daily • Rooms after check out that have had sick guests staying inside are now being steam cleaned after the guests leave • In all food and beverage outlets departments we have put sanitizing gel and also in all WC areas • Utensils in the restaurants are being replaced every ten minutes with fresh ones. • We have given sanitizing gel bottles for personal use and we still give who ever ask for it • We call all guest on day 1 and 2 for serving dinner in rooms with special diet from doctor • On buffet we had more boiled food and rice for the guests • We closed for 2 days the thematic restaurants to be able to control the food and we throw away everything after closing of each meal to avoid anything could help to contamination • The staff which has been infected has been excluded for 48 hours • We took the temperature at the entrance of the main restaurant of the majority of guests prior their entrance • The doctor has followed up on all rooms that had report an incident and we also make regular checks on them • The pools are being back washed 4 times per day and the chlorine levels have been increased, regular shocking of the pools is also being done. • Recovering guests are being asked not to use public toilets or swimming pools. Despite no new cases we are continuing with the above measures and testing for the time being. We would like to tell you that there is no need to worry if you are due to visit us soon. Thank you

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Spa and wellness centers lindos hotels vlycha and kiotari
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Spa and wellness centers lindos hotels vlycha and kiotari

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