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Destinations to Learn A New Skill

Learn a new skill and experience local culture with Lindos Hotels this Summer

This summer Lindos Hotels is offering its guests a chance to immerse themselves in the local culture and return home not only with a gratifying feeling of relaxation, but with a traditional Grecian skill – sure to impress friends and family. In addition to its beautiful beaches and blue skies, Rhodes is renowned for its rich history and local culture, which Lindos Hotels invites its guest to be a part of.

At Lindos Village Resort & Spa, Gennadi Grand Resort & SpaLindos Grand Resort & Spa, Lindos Imperial Resort & Spa and Lindos Royal Resort & Spa guests will be able to take part in weekly ceramic and cooking classes taught by the best experts in Rhodes.

Ceramic Painting Art Experience

This season, Lindos Hotels have partnered with a local ceramic business, to offer weekly traditional ceramic classes. In intimate groups of 15, guests have the opportunity to learn all there is known about ceramics with experienced team members.

The first part of the class will focus on the design and inspiration behind creating a ceramic tile, before moving on to colour where the professionals will teach guests what colours complement each other. The handmade tiles will then be baked in a special ceramic oven before being returned to guests to take home, the perfect souvenir from Rhodes.

* Available weekly for adults & children above 8 years old, 15 people per session (with extra charge).

Rhodian Cooking Experiences

Holidays can be an opportunity to refine or learn a new skill, and here you can upgrade your most… delicious skill: cooking! Lindos Hotels will work with Yiayia, which means Grandmother, and their in-house chefs, to offer traditional Grecian cooking classes.

You will learn how to make Rhodes’ most famous local dessert, melekouni, a traditional sweet bar made with honey and sesame seeds, a treat which is sure to bring back sweet holiday memories whenever you make it at home.

* Available weekly for adults only, 20 people per session (free of charge).