Gennadi Grand Resort

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A blissful experience of calmness and relaxation at Gennadi Beach

The sandy Gennadi Beach was selected as the perfect spot for the creation of a peaceful hideaway, a holistic holiday experience with the feel of a beach-house and minimal environmental impact. Palm trees, sunken gardens, green roofs and glass panels come together in an architectural venture that comes to redefine what eco-friendly and harmonious living means. Gennadi Grand Resort is inspired by the Mediterranean region, its natural beauty and its refreshing lifestyle and it is designed with utter respect to holistic philosophy and its surrounds. Gennadi Grand Resort has its own, very unique character and it aims to offer an unparalleled holiday experience on the island of Rhodes. Exclusive services, impeccable hospitality and state-of-the-art environmental practices are at the basis of the Gennadi Grand concept; anything else you really have to experience for yourself…

Discover Gennadi Grand Resort