Rhodes Island

The Sun’s beloved island!

On the southeastern edge of Europe, the Dodecanese island complex and Rhodes Island in particular have been a beloved summer holiday destination for many decades. This magnificent island offers a multitude of attractions and exquisite holiday accommodation proposals that, combined with the long and sunny summers of Greece and its immense historical significance, make Rhodes Island an unmatched holiday destination for all.

The island’s rich history goes back to antiquity, perhaps even longer back. Some of the oldest and most advanced cities in the world can be found in its grounds. It was coveted by many conquerors; some managed to take it, leaving behind in the course of time remnants that helped shape the island to its current form, a hub of civilizations, a crossroad bringing together the east and the west, the past and the present, tradition and cosmopolitanism.

Today, Rhodes is a modern island that remarkably manages to co-exist with its glorious past; it is evident in every step you take, in the architecture that brings together elements from many eras, in the archaeological treasures unearthed and proudly displayed, in the very character of its locals who warmly welcome every visitor and rush to share their treats, their tips and their love and passion for their homeland. It is often said that everyone will find a spot to call their own in Rhodes; find the spot that will charm your heart and treasure it forever!