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Lindos Hotels Group | Rhodes - Greece

Donate Hair Donate Love

Philanthropy is an act of humanity and love that can be expressed in various ways, through volunteer work, education and financial aid, and is a key pillar of the Lindos Hotels group, who embrace this warm and kind form of charity.

Once again, Lindos Hotels group are proud to be participating in the only hair donation organization for children in Greece “Donate Hair – Donate Love” based in Rhodes, to support children with cancer or alopecia suffering from hair loss.

This action aims at two pillars:

  • The financial support of the organization for the creation of wigs for children suffering from cancer.
  • The financial support of the organization in order for a wig maker to visit the island of Rhodes and train local hairdressers for the proper creation of wigs for children. This action aims to produce wigs for more children throughout Greece.

At Lindos Hotels, every donation is an act of love, which we continue to share in society in every possible way and we urge our guests to get involved however they can and share the love.